For a very long time, pianists have been layering sounds and synths to get the perfect sound. Guitarists, to get the same mix, have to have a complicated set of wires. Jamstik helps that, while also making mobile playing easy, comfortable and seamless.



Jamstik, a Ukelele sized guitar, is made out of only 5 frets, a part to strum and a control button on the side. Jamstik, made for iOS, wirelessly connects and records your music on to your iPad using apps like GarageBand, Animoog and other music apps. Take GarageBand for instance. If you have ever played around with the iOS version of GarageBand, you know that you can virtually pluck strings and play the keys of different instruments, such as the piano, bass, guitar, and other forms of those 3(ie. upright bass, acoustic guitar, hard rock guitar, ect.). But if you have tried to make a good, complex song using the virtual instruments, you know it is extremely hard. Jamstik allows you to play comfortably on real strings and frets, while also taking advantage of the other sounds. Yep, you read it correctly. Say you’re playing the Jamstik, and you are not happy with the regular electric guitar sound; you want a electric piano with a little synth in the background. With Jamstik, you can get that.

To get the piano-synth, you would use two apps: GarageBand and Animoog. Animoog is basically a music-making app that uses colored lights to show you visually what the notes are, and to change the notes you use dials. But instead of this approach, you can use your Jamstik to directly play the synth sounds. But, remember, you don’t want synth sounds. To mix the sounds, all you have to do is easily set up both apps and play and Voila!, you get your sound.

At the Engadget Expand conference, I got to hear a example of what a mashed sound would sound like to the tune of Here Comes The Sun. It sounded great. It makes me almost want to learn the guitar, just to play around with the Jamstik. It just so happens that Zivix(the company that makes Jamstik) thought of that. So, they made a great learning app to go along with Jamstik called Jamtutor. Jamtutor makes it fun to learn guitar by adding in Guitar Hero like games in with the drills. Jamtutor is not the only app they are making, so the Jamstik experience will be complete.

Jamstik is a perfect way to compose music on the move. The WiFi just makes it easier. With Jamstik, you can make hi-quality music on road trips, on the plane, even on the bus. Unfortunately, Jamstik will be on the market by the 3rd or 4th quarter, so we will have to wait. It’s also not overpriced like some new products are at $250 – $300. So if you are always trying to squeeze your guitar into your car, or you are just beginning, Jamstik could be for you.