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TOTW: Motorola’s Moto X

Motorola have finally come to their senses. Recently, they announced the making of their new phone, the Moto X. After previously selling their very, ah, unique Droid Razr, something new will certainly be a money jackpot for Motorola. And from what we know, it would probably be a money maker anyway.

On the outside, the Moto X looks a lot like a HTC One, except a little bit more dull, rather than silver and shiny. Also, Motorola gave it a more rounded look, with rounded corners, curved glass on the edges and a slightly curved back. That gives is a smooth and easy-to-hold feeling while using it. A classic Android looking phone.

And guess what? It is Android!!!!! Well, more specifically, it will come out with Google’s Jelly Bean 4.2.2. For all you Android people out there looking for a new phone, this might be for you. Having goods specs and a good design, it might be one of the top Android phones out there.

TOTW: MYO Gesture Control Armband


Gesture control is a rising technology. It means to replace remotes and mouses, and is currently booming with developers. Leap Motion is a recently released gesture controller for computers, but Thalmic Labs wanted to make a gesture controller for many things, not just computers. So, they made MYO.


MYO is, basically, an armband. With that on, you can control many things like iPhones, toys, and drones. You use it like how you would expect to use it. To control your object, say, drone, you move your arm up, down and side to side. It replaces the movement of a joystick or controller. Or, for other applications, specific movements with your fingers like turning an imaginary dial to turn up music. Developers are currently working on or applying for a developer API, which lets them make their own apps for MYO.


How does MYO work? Well, MYO can read the electrical impulses in your arm, along with the position and movement. Technically, that means it knows what you want to do a millisecond BEFORE you do it. This capability has developers even more exited because it allows you to seamlessly interaction between the device and the armband.

MYO is probably the first real gesture control that works fast on tons of devices. Anywhere. This product has great potencial, because the more people work on it, and the longer they work on it, the more amazing ideas and apps come out of it. They could even make MYOs for other parts of your body. Then include Occlus Rift, and you have a full-body fully immersive game system. Who knows?

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