Smart highways? This might sound crazy, but in mid-2013 in Brabant, Netherlands, they are actually BUILDING them.


These smart highways were designed by Studio Roosegaarde in the Netherlands. These green highways are meant to decrease the amount of extra lighting and equipment on the side of the road. Also the designers added some safety features to these highways. For instance, when the road is covered in snow and ice, cartoons of snowflakes appear on the ground (as pictured above).

The most important feature of the smart highway is the photoluminescent lines. In the day, these lines soak up light from the sun and in the night they can shine for more than 10 hours.

Plus, if you have a electric car, and you live in Brabant, you’re in luck! They added a special feature to the highways were there is a special lane just for electric cars. But not only that, the lane actually RECHARGES your car at the same time!


Street lights are also something these designers want to eliminate. On the side of the road, there are little lights that sense your car and turn on when you come by to save energy.

If these highways work out in Brabant, hopefully they will come all over the world.