Here are the top 3 tech videos of this week:

#1. Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways

Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways is a quirky, funny yet at the same time very serious video promoting a great and innovative Indiegogo campaign for, you guessed it, solar roadways. These roadways are relatively small tiles, that yes, do generate energy using the sun, and with a great quantity of it, will pay for itself and overall help the world, but the problem is the very hard and expensive manufacturing process. The materials and solar panels do work, they just need your money to get it up and running. This great video highlights all that and more about the plan, and after all, it’s solar FREAKIN’ roadways! How awesome is that!

 #2. moon hoax not

Beside for the unprofessional and grammatically incorrect title, this is a depth video on the conspiracy theories about the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the many, many many ways it isn’t possible is. From the technology needed to make the hoax to the video of the moon landing itself, this video will change the minds even the most paranoid conspiracists. As it says in the video, we weren’t there, so we don’t know for sure that it was really, but after watching this, I would be willing to bet my life on it.

#3: TV Globo Opening F1 GP Brasil 2013 Directors Cut

As a promotion for the Brasil Globo F1 Cup, (as the title states) this short but creative animated video documents the history of F1 facing using a kid’s racing toy cars, which take turns transforming into new generation cars. Each time a car transforms, it jumps ahead of the other one, just to find the other car had transformed into an even better car, and so on. Although it is short, the animation and idea was very cool and unique.