#1. 29 Impressions In 1 Song

Rob Cantor, the singer featured in this video, decided to make an interesting music video for his original song, Perfect. Instead of singing it in his normal voice, Rob sang the song in the voice of 29 of the most famous and most vocally recognizable people in the last 100 years. The spot on impression included Frank Sinatra, Shakira, Gollum, Steve Buscemi, Kermit the Frog and more. Alone, this video is certainly entertaining,  but a twist in the story came a bit later. On his channel, Rob released a video disproving his own video. Just as Jimmy Kimmel has had a habit of doing, Rob tricked the whole internet. Instead of actually doing the impressions, Rob enlisted professional impressionists to record his song in their impression voice separately, then lip sang the song and sprinkled a little producing magic on it to make it seem genuine. Unfortunately, I have to say, I saw the video before the confession was released, and I was fooled. Although, as Rob states in the video, he can’t do a single impression, he sure can lip sing.

#2. Maker Vs Marker

This stop-motion masterpiece, Maker Vs Marker, is, well, pretty self explanatory. A new take on the classic street fighter style, this video documents a stop-motion animated drawing of a fighter’s epic battle and a hand. The maker. The fluidity of the fighting is amazing, considering the genre the video is going after requires a lot of fast moves that the player/viewer can’t always control. Overall, the creators and animators behind this video did a great job, and you’ll just have to watch it to see who wins.

#3. Greatest Game of HORSE Ever

Trick shot videos have increased in popularity recently, starting with the now famous Dude Perfect team, and this video combines a well known trick shot genre, basketball, with a lesser known trick shot genre, frisbee, and pit the two together in a epic game of horse. On the frisbee side is Brodie Smith, a frisbee trick shot expert, and on the basketball team is Legendary Shots, a trickshot team not unlike Dude Perfect. Each side tries to come up with different shots that would be harder for the other team, and the result is a entertaining and remarkable competition.