Just as they have been planning, Google finally introduced their augmented reallity glasses, Google Glasses.

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Google Glasses have many features, including a camera, speaker and mini screen that is placed in front of your right eye. The camera is used more for social purposes. You can quickly take a picture, and upload it to google+(not that anybody uses it). The speaker, which is hanging down in front of your ear, is used as a Siri type app to tell the glasses what to do. The glasses also double as a phone and a FaceTime monitor, which will eliminate holding your phone up to your ear. If you want directions, don’t take out your iPhone, Google Glasses have it. You just tell it where you want to go, and it gives you walking or driving directions. The directions show up on your screen, but it also says it in your ear. You can even get direction around a store, in case you can’t find your way around.

Here is a video that shows what it is like wearing Google Glasses on a regular day.

When Google had their I/O, not everyone could go. Only developers could go, and they could even BUY it for $1,500 before it comes out for the public in late 2013 early 2014. Google Glasses are also developer friendly, so they can make more apps, or even design mini add-ons.

Even though Google Glasses are very unique, they are DEFINITELY not the ultimate augmented reality glasses. Ultimate augmented reality glasses will completely erase the IPhone, having even better apps and utilities. Gaming in augmented reality glasses (something Google Glasses doesn’t have) will be the total experience. You would actually be seeing yourself race in a car alongside Mario, pulling back the slingshot in Angry Birds and slicing the rope in Cut The Rope.

There still might be some problems with Google Glasses. For instance, if the Siri app stops working, you can’t tell it to do anything. Plus, there is no manual way to type anything in. Still, it is very cool and I want one ( I don’t know about you).